Sunday, January 30, 2011

Liberty Series #3 Workshop, Drive vs. Draw With Jerry S. Williams 01-30-11

What is drive and draw and what/how do we create it? Drive and draw is energy, physical and mental. Think of it as pushing away (drive) or sucking towards (draw).
Drive creates draw = the better your drive, the better your draw will be.
Drive is masculine = generally easier for men, women tend to be softer and want their horses close, women sometimes find it hard to be assertive enough with their drive.
Draw is feminine = generally easier for women, women tend to be softer and want their horses close, men sometimes find it hard to be soft enough with their draw.
Horse can be scared and “need” to be with/close to you = you are really driving them to you, not drawing them in.
Energy = three forms: grounded, going (pushing) out, coming (drawing) in.
Neutral energy = think of it in terms of growing roots, no more sack of potatoes or going limp – should be more refined now, feeling of growing roots rather than going limp and slumping. That was fine for teaching in lower levels but needs to be more refined now.
TERRI AND BEAU SPECIFIC COMMENTS (but can pertain to anyone):
Connected when close but lost connection when Terri moved out farther away. When moved back in closer, regained about ½ the connection.
LIBERTY IS ABOUT MAINTAINING THE CONNECTION. If you lose it while playing at liberty can play the catching game to get it back. The object is to maintain the connection and not to just get your horse to do stuff!!
How to deal with ears back, head tossing, “snotty” attitude: start slow then speed up, start asking for snappy, be provocative, do the unexpected to keep their interest and get and keep their attention.
Looking outside the circle: move slightly off center by walking at an angle towards zone 4 until horse starts looking for/to you, asking the question “what are you doing back there?” then bring them in.
Sometimes you’ll break things while playing but overall you should be making progress.
Be aware of frame of mind, both yours and your horse = know where they are, LB, RB, switching back and forth, confident, unconfident, obedient, just going through the motions, etc.