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Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 7:09 PM
To: Craig, Kathleen A.
Subject: Your Audition!

Dear Kathleen,

Thank you very much for your Freestyle Level 2 audition!  The assessment team
has viewed your audition and it was a pleasure.  We appreciate the opportunity
to be a part of your horsemanship journey!!

Let me be the first to congratulate you on achieving a Level 2 Savvy
Freestyle!!! This means you've completeted your Level 2 with a 2+!!!  
You should receive your string and certificate within 4-8 weeks!!!

I could tell you were safe and having fun.  I would encourage you to use your
reins a bit more for your indirect and direct rein positions. 
  Remember the phases are eyes, bettybutton, legs then rein or stick.  
Your stick is for reinforcing but your horse wasn't really yielding the front
end for a direct rein and the hindend for the indirect rein. 
  Also, for safety reasons you need to mount and dismount on the same side as
your mecate rope is hanging from.  If you had a stick in your hand, that would
need to stay on the same side as well.

Thanks again for your dedication to your horse and to the Parelli program.  We
look forward to viewing your future success.  Have fun and keep it natural!

Julia Ryman
For the Parelli Audition Team 2009